Unified Communications & Collaboration

IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Interactive Collaboration, Unified Messaging

Meeting from a professionally equipped video conferencing room, from your mobile workplace or even via your smartphone: with the latest systems it is easy and fast. Metron Maldives provides the correct installation, fully tailored to your needs. In this way you communicate just as smoothly via video as in a face-to-face conversation.

Improving corporate success through UCC

Modern companies are increasingly dependent on constant availability, as this goes hand in hand with an increased reaction speed. Good customer service and a high level of flexibility are essential factors for securing a competitive edge. They therefore also have an impact on sales and profits. A location-independent, rapid exchange of information is an important element of success. Our solutions from the area of Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) help to reduce expenses, save time and optimize existing processes. Both customers and employees benefit from improved availability, which is accompanied by increased reaction speeds. Contacts can be managed better and information exchanged more efficiently.

Cost reduction & green IT

Another advantage of UCC solutions is the improved environmental balance. Because of the current climate protection debates, the topic of “Green IT” has come increasingly into focus. Numerous companies have made it their business to reduce direct or indirect CO2 emissions. So it applies, in addition to power consumption, only indirect loads z. B. to minimize as much as possible through business trips or official trips. But this is also an economic incentive. According to estimates by the US Department of Transportation, 100 employees spend an average of 23,333 hours a year commuting to work. That equates to a fair value of $ 700,000.

This value can be reduced significantly with UCC solutions. By making it possible to work from home, employees save travel time, which both saves costs and reduces CO2 emissions. Meetings can also be held in the form of audio, video or web conferences. For this we use energy-efficient hardware or, if possible, do without it entirely. Because with the modern means of server virtualization and an intelligent architecture of the individual components, the hardware infrastructure can also be minimized.

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