System Integration

Automation, Light Management, Energy Management, Access Control, HVAC

Whether you are planning the lighting installation and automation in your office building, want to convert a heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system or are fundamentally interested in the subject of room automation.

Dim the lights, start a projection and activate the microphone so that everyone can hear you perfectly. You can control your meeting room at the touch of a button, without the need for an IT specialist. Or activate and manage all screens and video walls in your showroom via a central system. Our smart applications make your life a lot easier.

Smart applications make your life easier

A contemporary home no longer consists of just sockets and light circuits, but includes many techniques. These techniques can be present individually in a home. Each individual technology has its own operation in a manufacturer-specific design and operating logic.

An unclear maze of controls that continues to grow and where it becomes increasingly difficult for the user to maintain control. Moreover, in a world in which ecological and economic use of energy is becoming increasingly important, it is essential to coordinate these techniques . We have cloud solutions for the user to retain full control over their home/property remotely in a simple and safe way.

Some practical examples with which we can be of service to you

⟐ Safety
⟐ Lighting
⟐ Access Control
⟐ Temperature
⟐ Power Management
⟐ Curtains, blinds
⟐ Presence simulation
⟐ Power Outlets
⟐ Atmospheres
⟐ Audio / Video
⟐ Remote Management

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