Metron is characterized by integrating various technologies and protocols of security systems, surveillance and control systems (smart homes / automation) and exploration of IoT, as well as other systems of infrastructures complementary to them.

Perceiving Reality

With a world filled with IoT devices and hardware programming becoming different from one another; we believe security must come first. We audit both hardware and software before you acquire them, take them through regular security checks to keep you secure from hackers.

We are here to provide you with the most reliable products along with the simplest yet flexible service and maintenance in the industry. Our ‘cyber security first’ policy makes us unique.

Some of our services include:

⟐ IT Consultancy & Network Infrastructure
⟐ Software: Licensing, Integrations, Cloud & Programming
⟐ Video Surveillance
⟐ Control Systems
⟐ Unified Communication
⟐ Displays & Visual Solutions

Engaging at all levels

How we do things in this era, especially after Covid-19 it is different whether working, teaching, learning, living or relaxing! We have solutions for all major sectors in Maldives.

Customer Inquiries & Needs Analysis

At Metron, we do an in- depth engineering to determine the technical aspects of the project: hardware or software compatibility, materials used, assembly, finishes, manufacturing processes, etc. Every point is carefully studied and optimized including a feasibility study and budget planning so that we can provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Education Sector

We transform learning spaces through the use of latest AV solutions to provide a more engaging leaning environment.

Corporate Sector

Nowadays corporate need more AV solutions for efficient working spaces, collaborative meeting rooms & display solutions for comfort zones.

Government Sector

Where communication and collaboration is mission critical, We have been pivotal in supplying complex solutions to the Government Sector, helping to speed up the critical tasks of the public.

Hospitality Sector

We can improve the all over experience of your hotel with control of lighting, shades and so on. With our reliable automation systems you’ll no longer have operational concerns.​

we are vendor neutral

‘Vendor neutrality is a business and design approach that seeks to ensure broad compatibility and interchangeability of products and technologies. The model encompasses standardization, non-proprietary design principles and unbiased business practices.’

A realistic outlook enables a realistic approach. Putting aside loyalties and ensuring that you have the right solution for your needs is what we do