About Metron

Our mission is to be the most reliable partner for our customers to design, realize, secure, maintain and manage their Technical infrastructure by offering the best solutions, excellent service and in-depth knowledge and experience.

Not just a supplier – A genuine partner

Technology has no consciousness, but people do. Metron Maldives consciously takes its responsibility in this. The ICT infrastructure must always be one step ahead to be able to cope with any threat and support any innovation. We do more than just design, realize and manage the IT foundation. We offer best practice solutions, an optimal user experience and an unparalleled network of knowledge throughout the entire lifecycle of the critical IT infrastructure & ProAV Solutions.

Metron is a technology company based in the Maldives, known as the ICT infrastructure & ProAV specialist in the Maldives for the past 3 years due to our excellent service and in-depth technical knowledge. In 2020, the strategic choice was made to seek affiliation with parties that will enable us to continue to fulfill and further expand that unique position in the future.

In this rapidly changing market it is important to pool knowledge and respond quickly to change. As an independent company, we foresaw that this would become increasingly difficult.

The concrete and immediately visible added value of our partners enormous amount of knowledge and expertise that, in the form of Virtual Teams & Contractors, enable our specialists to make an even better technical difference.

In short, we provide significant benefits for our own people and for our customers. Now and in the future.

Secure Technology

We are the FIRST ever company in the Maldives to announce ‘security first’ policy. We audit both hardware and software before you acquire them, take them through regular security checks to keep you secure from hackers.

Experienced Team

We can proudly say all of our members know what they are doing “top to bottom”. Most, if not all of our team have, at least once; performed as a technician or an engineer or a programmer in various capacities in the technology industry.

After Sales Service

Technology needs a parent in order to function efficiently, it needs monitoring, security updates and improvement regularly. Therefore we our team there at every step of the way simplifying the customer experience.

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