Information Security

Cybersecurity: A personal and unique approach for every company

Information security is probably not your core business . Then it is likely that you lack the manpower or expertise to get it right. Metron Maldives supports you within your own IT environment in the structured and demonstrable security of your infrastructure. If desired, we can help you achieve relevant certification, such as ISO 27001.

What does your company do about information security? And is that enough?

You are already doing something about information security , consciously or unconsciously , but where exactly are you? Is your organization sufficiently protected? What should be better? And how do you do that?

It causes concern when you do not have an answer to the above questions. After all, you have legal obligations and responsibilities towards customers, relations and employees. The (image) damage that can arise from inadequate information security is enormous. It gives peace and confidence when you know where you stand, which steps you still have to take and what a realistic time frame is.

Our method

Because your company is unique, only a personal approach where we work on what your organization needs is appropriate.

We often start with a baseline measurement, so that we know what the current status is. We then determine the goals you want to work towards, after which we process all the steps to be taken in a clear roadmap. We take into account what is important and what is going on within the entire organization.

⟐ If you are looking for support from A to Z in getting your security in order, we will gladly help you on your way, based on our expertise.

⟐ You can also contact us for only part of the information security activities. For example, specialist advice, a second opinion , or a pen test.

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